About Us

We are a small family run company with traditional values of respect for our customers and their property.

We have been trading in the caravan leisure industry for several years with a great passion for the products and service we provide and have obtained great respect from the manufacturers and our customers alike.

We are based in a beautiful part of the country Derbyshire and perfectly situated with easy access to the north, south, east and west making us ideal to be a nationwide installation company.

From our very first job our intentions were about respect the customers property as if it were our own. Work to the best standards and don’t rush the work just to get to the next job because if something isn’t right then carry on until it is.


We set out to achieve to be a one stop shop for the caravan leisure industry always learning about new and up and coming products on the market to provide our customers the best options to suit their budgets.

Something is missing in the larger companies and that’s attention to detail whether that be taking time to listen to the customers needs or worries and offering reassurance not just treating the customer as a ££££ sign. This is a value we have always stood by and always will.

We believe in trying to give the very best service at the lowest price with the least amount of inconvenience that’s why we come to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully you can now see how we feel about our customers. YOU.

Why Choose EMove?

Nationwide Installation  Image 1

Nationwide Installation

We come to you. From Scotland, to Cornwall, To Wales. Your convenience is our priority.
Largest Selling Product Across Europe Image 2

Largest Selling Product Across Europe

The EMove Mover - a leading product across Europe - is a best-seller for a reason. Save your pennies and choose EMove - cheaper than the market's leading product.
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5 Year Warranty

Our premium products don't come without protection. Rest assured every item you purchase comes with 5 years' warranty for your peace of mind.

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